Transformational, values-based recruiting

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it, and what you do simply serves as the proof of what you believe.” Simon Sinek

You might have heard Simon Sinek’s legendary TED talk quote in relation to sales and why clients buy from businesses. It’s interesting to re-frame his pearls of wisdom in terms of contemporary recruiting. In fact, Sinek’s words are even more relevant in a climate of high volume of job vacancies that puts great candidates in a strong position to take their pick of the bunch.

Yes, of course candidates are interested in the salary and other benefits up for grabs. But they’re also interested in much more. They want to feel engaged and inspired by companies and organizations that contribute to making the world a better place.

To this end, values-based recruitment helps you and your intrepid candidates to gauge your shared values and cultural fit. And the brilliant news? A values-based recruitment process has never been so easily achievable with formidable recruiting software underpinning your strategy.

Modern Recruiting Software That Supports Your Values Based Goals

Vicky Walker, HR and Wellbeing Manager at Westfield Health and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the UK, explains why now is the time to sharpen up on values-based recruiting:  

“With the pandemic giving us cause to consider what’s really important in life, candidates are now looking for work which aligns with their own values and worldview.

“The most engaged employees are those who are a good fit not only in terms of skills and experience, but also in their contribution to your wider purpose. With the candidate-driven market looking set to continue into 2022, now is a great time to fine tune your approach.”

With that in mind, here are just a few of the many ways an impressive Applicant Tracking System helps makes values-based recruitment an integral part of an organization’s talent acquisition strategy:

  • Future-Focused Careers Page Integration – An Applicant Tracking System automatically screens candidate applications against your pre-defined criteria, on an adaptable role-by-role basis. So, imagine the impact when your careers page and your Applicant Tracking System are linked. It’s laying the foundations for a deep and rich talent pool that’s continuously replenished with candidates who think along the same lines as you.
  • Compelling Content Marketing – A powerhouse Applicant Tracking System puts content features at your fingertips that enable you to reinforce your mission, vision, and values throughout the application process. You can embed captivating content, such as: “A day in the life of’ videos of existing team members; interviews with senior management talking about their vision for the future; and client case studies demonstrating how your business has made a positive impact.Forget flat, one-dimensional application forms. Future forward content marketing features like these  enhance your application process from dull and routine to awe-inspiring.
  • Effortless Keyword and Phrase Matching – Sophisticated recruiting software harnesses failproof and intuitive AI for identifying desirable keywords and phrases in candidate applications. This makes light work of highlighting candidates who share, or are likely to share, the vision and values you’re looking for.
  • Ingenious Values Based Testing – There’s heaps of valuable time and money to be saved by using values-based testing, or psychometric testing as it’s also known, to sift candidates at pre-interview stage. And, better still, it’s a standard feature with superior recruiting software.You can use a selection of the many values-based questions that come as standard in your Applicant Tracking System, or you can add your own selection for current and also future use.


    Candidates are automatically thanked and eliminated from the process if they don’t meet your pre-determined criteria, or they’re moved forward for consideration for interview if they pass. It’s a simple and uncomplicated as that.  

At HireRoad, we’re committed to bringing you the ultimate recruiting software for making values-based recruitment a breeze. In addition, our broader impact includes  

  • Saving you time and money by automating the process and sifting potentially great matches from poor ones, efficiently and at pace


  • Reducing drop off risk by failing to capture the imagination of the best talent from the onset of the process
  • Minimising ‘ghosting’ at interview stage by ensuring that the best candidates value your organization based on what they’ve experienced at every touchpoint of the journey so far

Interested in next levelling your recruitment process by introducing values-based features or improving your existing methods? Request a demo today.


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