Talent management for healthcare – Best practices

The Australian healthcare industry grapples with a complex economic environment and a unique set of challenges. Not only do healthcare organisations have to deal with traditional business problems – such as managing limited budgets, recruiting capable staff, and improving employee engagement – they must also grapple with external factors such as government regulation and reform, the ageing population and skills shortages. While this makes operating a successful healthcare organisation a challenging proposition, the service that this sector provides is arguably more critical than any other. Every day, people call upon the Australian healthcare sector to help them in their time of need, and when the wellbeing of a human life is at stake, business challenges are no excuse for inadequate service. With such overwhelming demand for healthcare in this country, organisations in this sector simply cannot afford to allow ongoing challenges or external factors to impact the workforce that aims to provide the highest quality of care possible. A well-constructed, measured and effectively executed talent management strategy can assist with many of the workforce-related problems facing healthcare organisations today by combating engagement, retention and strategic planning problems. This eBook from HireRoad will explain why – and, more importantly, how – healthcare organisations should implement a more effective talent management strategy that will deliver better results to the most important stakeholders of all – your patients.