New Name and Look, Renewed Commitment to HR

We’ve got a new look and a new name! Welcome to HireRoad. 

We chose HireRoad because we believe hiring is just the beginning. Our purpose—which carries over from Acendre and the recently acquired Vacancy Filler—is to create fit to thrive between workers and organizations. 

“Our mission is to change the definition of ‘being hired’ to include everything all along the journey from job posting to job success,” said Chief Executive Officer Otto Berkes.“In today’s competitive landscape, that’s how you build a great organization.” 

At HireRoad, we are unified by our belief that people are not interchangeable and that organizations succeed when every individual within them succeeds. And this doesn’t need to be a long-range goal: Our cloud-based software provides the ability to attract, hire, onboard, and train the right people so they thrive in their new roles from the very start. Starting now. 

We help organizations find and integrate people quickly with the onboarding and training needed for fast starts by offering products that are secure, flexible, and easy to integrate with core business systems: 

HR Recruit—Automated hiring processes that configure to organizations’ business needs and preferred recruitment workflow. 

HR Onboard—Collaboration around new-hire formalities that ensure people stay engaged and feel welcomed. 

HR Learn—eLearning and eTraining capabilities that help new employees hit the ground running and existing employees stay up to speed. 

With competition for talent increasing, organizations turn to us to ensure their recruitment and hiring process fosters a sense of belonging and provides a clear understanding of where an individual fits—because fit, cultural affinity, and connection to teams and colleagues all impact performance. 

“The employee experience is a human experience,” Berkes said. “Meeting new employees where they are and ensuring they have what they need to be successful from the start benefits organizations, especially as turnover increases and employees place greater importance on their work experience and professional development.” 

We welcome you to explore this new website to learn more!