HireRoad in the news: Xbox cofounder sets sights on HR tech

What do HR and gaming have in common? Analytics. And Otto Berkes.

Maybe you didn’t realize it, but HireRoad CEO Otto Berkes brings a highly-regarded perspective on the power of technology to his leadership role at HireRoad. As a developer turned CEO, he understands how to develop winning technology that meets nascent market needs. Otto is an Xbox co-founder, 18-year Microsoft veteran, and he led the team that built HBO’s GO Streaming service. With 13 patents, Microsoft’s Xbox Founder’s Award, an Emmy Award, and an Edward R. Murrow Award, Otto is now focused on developing software to improve the human experience.

Businesses have become a bit more “human” over the last several years, and people are starting to think differently about what makes work meaningful, efficient, productive, even fun. Technology can help. We’ve taken our decades worth of HR software experience and directed it at solving the biggest part of creating healthy, vibrant organizations: finding the right people, hiring them, giving them the tools and support they need to be successful in their new roles, and providing the business with actionable insights via HR analytics.

When you achieve a good fit, people have reason beyond a paycheck to stay engaged with your organization. And both thrive.

He also understands the power of data and recognizes the transformation People Analytics is driving throughout human resources function. In a recent interview with Emily Douglas, global managing editor for leading HR publication Human Resources Director, Otto explains how “The HR function thrives on analytics,”… “And so too does the gaming sector. That’s just part of its inherent DNA. In gaming, you have to look at community experience – how do you drive insights around a specific area of the gaming experience, then take that data and build on it? HR tech is the same. It’s that feedback loop that’s so similar.”

“Data analytics are the life blood of gaming because, ultimately, that’s how you tell a story. It’s how you build a community…Looking at that from an HR lens, building a sense of comradery, belonging and loyalty well, that’s just the groundwork of an ideal culture.”

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