HireRoad in the news: is remote work the scapegoat for employee disengagement?

Organizations have been dealing with hybrid and remote work for just over three years now.

How’s it going? It likely depends on who you ask. SiliconRepbublic, an online science and technology media company, recently asked HireRoad CEO Otto Berkes.

In the article, found here, Otto discusses the best way to ensure remote work is effective. And the questions leaders need to ask.

“Debates over the merits of in-person versus remote work show no sign of slowing down. Many business leaders have urged their employees to return to the office, only to be met with widespread resistance from workers who have grown accustomed to the flexibility that remote work provides.

From the employer perspective, this desire is understandable. Many businesses are locked into multiyear office leases and don’t want to see their real estate investment go to waste. Additionally, many business leaders have struggled to adjust to the reduced visibility of remote and hybrid work. A Microsoft survey found that 85pc of business leaders said the shift to hybrid work has made it difficult to have confidence in their workers’ productivity. The only problem? Research shows these fears are unfounded.

In reality, employers that have figured out the remote work experience are experiencing better employee satisfaction and business results.”

At HireRoad, we’re a remote-first organization with employees located throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom,  Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.  So we are well accustomed to the unique needs of remote work and engaging employees in a remote environment. Global Town Hall video calls, centralized information websites, messaging boards for formal and informal conversations, and many other tools help us stay connected while we work together, apart.

Our focus is on HR software that helps engage employees from the very beginning of their journey with your organization. So you can build better teams, faster. Want to take a look? Get in touch to arrange a complimentary ‘show and tell’. It’s a fast, hassle-free non-obligatory look at the solutions we’ve created to help companies recruit, hire, onboard, and train new employees.