eLearning vs. classroom training

Employee education and development is an integral part of an organization’s growth and wellbeing; providing successful learning experiences is essential to this. Technological advancement has dramatically enhanced the way employees learn in the modern workplace, however, there are still many situations where traditional training methods are best. While the goal is the same with both traditional training and eLearning, they each exhibit their own unique qualities. Let’s look at what makes eLearning different from traditional classroom training.



  • Control the message – one big advantage of eLearning is that everyone is viewing the same content which can give greater control and will ensure the training is consistent and accurate.
  • Convenience for the learner – eLearning can be taken anytime, anywhere. Especially true now that most training is designed to be delivered on mobile devices, allowing the learner the ease of taking courses when it is convenient for them.
  • Costs less for large audiences – It’s true that eLearning will have a higher initial development cost, but for cases where many people are being trained, the savings on the recurring costs associated with traditional training can be significant and ultimately make eLearning less expensive.
  • Quick to Update – because eLearning is centralized, changes just need to be made in one place and the updated course is immediately available to all.


Traditional Classroom Training

  • Social Engagement – there is something to be said about a passionate instructor and an engaged classroom that is hard to beat. Of course, some subjects may benefit more from this than others.
  • Cost less for small audiences – traditional classroom training has a relatively low initial development cost. If only a small number of people are being trained, the recurring expenses are greatly reduced, making traditional classroom training the fastest and cheapest way to train.
  • Hands on – some types of subject matter require hands on approach in the classroom. Good eLearning can simulate some of this – but sometimes there is no replacement for rolling up your sleeves and working with your hands.


Successful employee development is the goal when choosing the most effective training method for your organization. Here at HireRoad we believe there is a place in the modern workplace for both traditional classroom training and eLearning, as well as a blended learning environment containing a combination of training methods. We would love to help you find the best solution for your organization and show you how HireRoad can help you reach your training goals. Contact us to learn more about how HR Learn LMS can become the foundation of your learning ecosystem.