Case Study: Leadership Development

Case Study: Leadership Development

Ensuring Your Organization’s Legacy with the Next Generation of Leaders

Many organizations do not pay enough attention to succession planning and leadership development. Implementing a succession planning strategy and the underlying leadership development programs to nurture your organization’s future leaders are keys to sustaining organizational performance over time.

The next-generation Learning Management System (LMS), HR Learn, drives organizational performance via a simply beautiful learning experience for learners, their managers and learning administrators – from the classroom to the desktop to the smartphone.

Naturally Mobile

One of the challenges of leadership development is that your top talent is often burdened with significant job responsibilities that leave little room for development. Finding time to learn is difficult for even the most organized and committed employee. The key is helping your A-players make the time to develop their leadership skills and business acumen. HR Learn was designed with this in mind. The system provides all roles with an app-free, mobile responsive user experience that naturally extends the reach of your leadership development programs.


Intelligently Automated

Unless you are in a position to take all of the top performers you’ve targeted for leadership development and drop them on a deserted island for some dedicated development time, you’re going to have to find a better way to help them engage with your programs. Automation rules for learner cohort creation; course and course path assignment; deadline reminders; progress notifications and scheduled reporting let HR Learn handle (and scale) the mundane activities, letting your learners, managers and administrators focus on what matters most.


Simply Beautiful

Managers and employees who consistently operate with excellence demand that their employers do the same. They have little patience for “good enough” or the broad common denominator – and that’s a good thing. Subjecting them to sub-par user experiences and dated software interfaces is a bad move, and a sure way to make them question whether your organization is right for them over the long haul. HR Learn uses a contemporary interface design to ensure that your audience has a learning experience on par with their favorite apps – professional or personal.


Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders for Tomorrow’s Marketplace

Market-leading, global information Services Company focused on professionals in the legal, business, tax, accounting, finance, audit, risk, compliance and healthcare markets. Operating in over 40 countries and generating over $3 billion in annual revenue, the Company enables professionals to be more efficient and effective through information, software and services that deliver insights, tools and subject matter expertise. The Company has over 10,000 employees worldwide.


The Challenge | The Solution

For larger SMB organizations and multinational corporations, succession planning is critical to ensuring business continuity for shareholders, customers, business partners and the employee base. But identifying high potential candidates within your organization is just the first step. In this case, the Company felt that it was mission critical to take their leadership development program to the next level and ensure that those tapped for future leadership roles were well prepared to take them on.

While the organization traditionally offered its top performers the opportunity to rotate through various business functions across the business to gain an enterprise perspective of the Company, broader leadership imperatives were left up to individual to acquire and develop on their own. Topics such as dealing with uncertainty, identifying long-term opportunities, team building and critical decision-making represented critical gaps in their development program.

The Company developed a blended, three-year leadership development program designed to run in parallel with the already proven functional rotation. The new program would include elearning self-study, Instructor Led Training (ILT), group-based projects, executive mentoring, performance support and ongoing assessment. The curriculum would be tuned to each candidate’s primary discipline and combined with general courses designed for all candidates.


The Benefits

  • Custom-branded training portal maintained the Company’s brand identity (logo, graphics, fonts and colors) and provided their employees with a consistent user experience
  • Leadership development program tuned for candidate’s function provided highly-targeted and relevant learning experience
  • Blended learning approach and highly mobile LMS enabled exceptionally busy top-performers to engage with the program content when and where they were able
  • Online access to executive mentors and high-potential peers via the LMS social learning and messaging features helped facilitate group activities and create peer-to-peer and peer-to-mentor relationships at a distance

Key HR Learn Features

  • Mobile-responsive user experience for learners, managers and LMS administrators, accessible via any Internet-connected device
  • Online registration and enrollment automation – including function-specific learning paths; learner enrollment notification; and attendance and completion reminders
  • Social learning and messaging features – such as the Group Wall – enable divisional and team cohorts to virtually interact with one another as part of the learning experience
  • Wizard-based upload utility for SCORM-compliant training and assessment content from third-party leadership courses, to complement custom courseware developed by the Company
  • End-to-end management of the blended curriculum – elearning courses and assessments; classroom-based ILT events; and e-reference materials – via a single online platform
  • Performance tracking, reporting and automated report distribution across the enterprise – for training managers, business managers and leadership