RecruitingDaily President and Editor-at-Large William Tincup recently spoke with HireRoad CEO Otto Berkes on The Use Case podcast. In this podcast series, Tincup invites leaders from noteworthy, interesting HR technology companies to share their stories.

Storytelling About HireRoad with Otto Berke

In this episode, Storytelling About HireRoad With Otto Berkes, Otto explains the drive behind the work we do at HireRoad. And how our solutions were designed with the ‘future of work’ needs for today’s mid-market organizations in mind. These companies historically lacked solutions designed for them. Solutions that help address their unique challenges. Consider that enterprise-level solutions don’t always fit the less-resourced, equally-or-more-challenged needs that mid-sized human resources teams have. And smaller solutions aren’t always scalable or sophisticated enough to work with growing organizations. Or with companies hiring at volume.

Did you realize Otto’s background is steeped in technology creation? He’s a software developer at heart. And he relishes the challenge of using technology to improve everyday experiences. For example, whether that’s developing gaming systems (he’s a cofounder of the Xbox). Operating systems (Microsoft) or business software (CA Technologies). Or even media streaming services (HBO Go), his focus is on the outcomes those technologies drive.

Technology to Talent Acquisition and Management

Outcomes feature prominently in Otto’s conversation with William. And so does the need for organizations (ours included) to think about work differently. Equally important: hiring, and preparing new employees for success, quickly. And perhaps differently than many software providers do. Otto notes that “talent management encompasses more than just talent acquisition and hiring, but also includes retention, development, and performance management.”

Read more about Otto’s background—and how it applies to HR technology—here. Curious about what drives the work we do? Also curious about the person leading that work? Then listen to the podcast. It offers a 20-minute glimpse into our approach. Which is one that leverages technology and data to help companies likes yours identify, attract, retain, and develop top talent. Quickly.