Onboarding software that engages


Once you find a great fit, HR Onboard gets them to start date quickly and helps you keep them engaged and excited for the job offer and beyond.

Complete digital paperwork, verify employment documents and take care of new-hire formalities simply and securely.

We offered a position to a candidate on Friday and he started the following Monday.  This simply wasn’t possible before.

Adrian Young, Talent Acquisition Specialist


Onboarding: the four keys to success

Effective onboarding is the chance for your company to create a fantastic first impression. Here are four keys to success whether your workplace is remote, hybrid, or on-site.

Integrated background checks and more

Instantly create standardized checklists and perform all your Background and Right to Work (RTW) Checks.

Reference forms are automated—as are reminders to complete them—and since all forms include e-signature functionality, the process moves that much faster.

Automated job offer letters and contracts speed time to start, and when all paperwork is completed, seamlessly export relevant information to your HCM or HRIS, eliminating manual and repetitive steps.

The Human Connection

Automating paperwork and processes is great. Connecting new employees to the people they’ll be working with is even better.

Connect new employees with their colleagues before they even start so they can exchange messages and feel welcomed into their teams using SMS, email, or push notifications. You Can even set them up with an automated collaboration newsfeed, provide access to key documents, and get them scheduled for training without waiting for other processes to happen.

All in a safe, secure environment compliant with key data policies and safeguards.